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for your Fray Style T-jet

The parts and tools I recommend for your T-jet are the following;

Part Recommendations

Dynamic Armature
Dash Magnets
Wizzard E84 Shoe Springs
Wizzard E85 Brushes
Wizzard E86 Pickup Shoes
Wizzard TJF20 Front End .315-.320 front tires
Wizzard White Rear tires, .332 TJT-Size
Wizzard Spacers (TJS003 and TJS010)  front and rear on the axles
Dynamic Armatures Tungsten .0635 front and rear axles
RT-HO CNC Top plate gears
Wizzard RGT09 cluster gear
I prefer stock crown gears but they are more work than an aftermarket crown gear
Aftermarket Crown, USE RTHO, but you must use his pinion at the same time
Greg's Garage Lambo - This body is super easy to mount and works great, 2012 Fray winner

Tool recommendations

Some of these tools depend on how much you race and how many cars you build. 

Scale Engineering Tools
164-300 Tire Press - $30.00
164-318 Adapter Rack - $20.00
164-319 Adapter Kit - $20.00

TGT-2 Pinion Puller(9 tooth) - $25.00
TGT-3 Pick-up Shoe Bending Tool - $50.00

Wizzard Tools
K001 Flat Pointed Tweezers - $5.00
GS006 Tech Block - $15.00 Tools
RT-600 Gear Installation Tool - $40.00
RT-550 Gear Removal Press - $50.00