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The best arms in T-jet Racing

More track records, and the most races won in the past 3 years have been with dynamic armatures

Arms can be have trued stack for fray racing, or you can order them untrued for indy/nostalgia type racing PLEASE SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING

Fray Teams have been gearing up with arms for the fray and many teams have chosen to use dynamic arms in their cars for the biggest T-Jet race of the season.

New arms cost $30 a piece

Now offering balancing of your own arms

Have your hand picked arms balanced and comms trued for $12 a piece



Tired of your sorting your 40 year old T-Jet armatures?  These machine balanced T-Jet armatures run true and fast.


All arms are checked electronically for reliability, and have a trued commutater, balanced to extreme precision and polished to ensure the highest quality armature.  Other armatures may cost less but these are the best.