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New Products
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Coming soon, RC-Jets, put together by the current fray champion

If you would like to preorder a car for then production starts, email
Every RC Jet will be tuned and tested, cost is yet to be determined.  They will all have the same parts as the RJ-Jets
Dynamic Armature
Dash Magnets
Wizzard E81 Brushes
Wizzard Pickup Shoes
Wizzard FR51B Front Rims and retainers with .310-.315 front tires
Wizzard White Rear tires, .338-.340
Wizzard Spacers front and rear on the axles
Dynamic Armatures Tungsten .0635 front and rear axles
RTHO CNC Top plate gears

Custom specs can be fit as well, whether it be your own rear tires, or a 12/14 tooth car

Wizzard White Tires! - The tire everyone is racing and talking about for only $10 per pair and normally available unlike most other manufacturers, sizes from .332 to .350 in .002 increments

New Parts!
Dynamic Armatures is now offering chassis and top plates available prepped just like an RJ/RC - Jet

Chassis are $6 and top plates are $4

Dynamic Armatures and RJ-Jet TSHIRT!
Tshirts are $12 each for S, M, L, and XL.  Only $13 for XXL and XXXL

E84 Wizzard Shoe Springs, the easiest spring to work with for T-jet racing, they have one less natural coil to prevent coil bind from when stock springs get stretched
E84(1pr) - $1.00
E84A(10pr) - $9.00



New tools for sale from Scale Engineering
I have started to carry tools made available by Scale Engineering and can order anything else you may need from him.  Currently I stock these items;

164-300 Tire Press - $30.00
164-318 Adapter Rack - $20.00
164-319 Adapter Kit - $20.00

TGT-2 Pinion Puller(9 tooth) - $25.00
TGT-3 Pick-up Shoe Bending Tool - $50.00


Now offering balancing of your own arms

Now lower pricing!!

Have your hand picked arms balanced and comms trued for $12 a piece, send quantities of 10 or more and they are $10 a piece.


Offering High Quality T-Jet Racing Parts for your racing needs. 

There are many products available through Dynamic Armatures, including Wizzard products for a one stop T-Jet shopping site. 

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