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New Products
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Unfortunately the cost of chassis and cars over the last year has surged dramatically and I am out of the NOS cases I had purchased.  It now costs $17 per car, including bad armatures to sort through forcing the price of NOS arms up to $30


Wizzard Dynamic Rocker Front Ends - The newest front end out on the market,  with a full sliding weight from front to back

This Assembly goes from 1.9 grams to 3.5 grams depending on axle and rod inserts

TJF20 Dynamic Rocker Front End $25.00 Whole assembly (includes 1 Pair of everything below)

TJF21 Dynamic Rocker Rims - $2.00 Pair
TJF22 Dynamic Rocker Retainers - $1.75 Pair
TJF25 Dynamic Solid Weight - $6.00 Pair
TJF26 Dynamic Adjustable Weight - $7.00 Pair
TJF27 Dynamic Plastic Sleeve - $5.50 Pair
FT2 Black Urethane Front Tires - $2.00 Pair
FR53B Drill Blank Steel .063 Axle - $1.50 Each

Wizzard White Tires! - The tire everyone is racing and talking about for only $10 per pair and normally available unlike most other manufacturers, sizes from .324 to .350 in .002 increments

New Parts!
Dynamic Armatures is now offering chassis and top plates available prepped just like an RJ/RC - Jet

Chassis are $7 and top plates are $5


E84 Wizzard Shoe Springs, the easiest spring to work with for T-jet racing, they have one less natural coil to prevent coil bind from when stock springs get stretched
E84(1pr) - $1.00
E84A(10pr) - $9.00



Balancing of your own arms to save money 

Have your hand picked arms balanced and comms trued for $12 a piece



Offering High Quality T-Jet Racing Parts for your racing needs. 

There are many products available through Dynamic Armatures, including Wizzard products for a one stop T-Jet shopping site. 

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